D2 かめさん(Go KAMESUI)



  • Academic Year: 2nd year Ph.D. candidate
  • Hometown: Hiroshima
  • Activity during Junior and Senior High School Student: Show Jumping (National Games Champion, 3rd place, etc.)
  • Activity during Undergraduate Student: Running (Marathon: 2 hours 59 minutes / 100km run: 10 hours 18 minutes)
  • Activity now: Running (Marathon: 2 hours 47 minutes / 100km run: 9 hours 1 minute)
  • Favorites: Horse, Hiroshima, Ise shrine, Brown Rice, Yorushika (Japanese band)
  • Hobbies: Reading books, Sudoku, Watching Soccer Matches, Train Journeys


Research Topic

Title: Elucidation of Multicomponent Diffusion Phenomena  and Comprehensive Study of Lithium Electrodeposition Mechanisms through Various In-situ Observation Techniques

ACS Energy Lett. 7, 4089–4097, 2022


  1. In Situ Observation of Cu²⁺ Concentration Profile During Cu Dissolution in Magnetic Field
    Go Kamesui (BC4), Kei Nishikawa, Hisayoshi Matsushima and Mikito Ueda
    Journal of The Electrochemical Society 168, 031507, 2021 (2021IF: 4.371)
  2. In-situ interferometry study of ionic mass transfer phenomenon during the electrodeposition and dissolution of Li metal in solvate ionic liquids
    Akinori Miki, Kei Nishikawa, Go Kamesui (MC1), Hisayoshi Matsushima, Mikito Ueda, and Michael Rosso
    Journal of Materials Chemistry A 914700–14709, 2021 (2021IF: 14.511)
  3. レーザー干渉顕微鏡を活用した電極界面現象の研究
    亀水 豪 (M2), 松島 永佳
    表面技術小特集 物質移動と表面技術の最前線 73巻7号 P343-348, 2022
  4. Mass Transfer during Electrodeposition and Dissolution of Li Metal within Highly
    Concentrated Electrolytes
    Go Kamesui (MC2), Kei Nishikawa, Mikito Ueda, Hisayoshi Matsushima
    ACS Energy Letters. 7, 4089-4097, 2022 (2022IF: 23.991)
  5. In situ observation of the formation and relaxation processes of concentration gradients in a lithium bis(fluorosulfonyl) amide–tetraglyme solvate ionic liquid using digital holographic interference microscopy
    Go Kamesui (DC1), Kei Nishikawa, Mikito Ueda, Hisayoshi Matsushima
    Electrochemistry Communications, 151 107506, 2023 (2023IF: 5.443)
  6. Elucidation of Mass Transport Phenomena in Highly Concentrated Electrolytes during Current Cycling Using In-Situ Interferometry and Finite Difference Method
    Go Kamesui (DC2), Kei Nishikawa, Mikito Ueda, Hisayoshi Matsushima
    Journal of the Electrochemical Society. 171, 040519, 2024


– Outstanding Student Presentation Award, 89th Meeting of the Electrochemical Society of Japan

Fellowships and Grants

– Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) DC1 Fellow (April 2023 – March 2026)

Contact Information

Email: kame1209☆eis.hokudai.ac.jp
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