ECS Meeting 参加!


10月8日-12日にスウェーデンのヨーテボリで開催された、244th ECS Meetingに、複数の学生が参加しました。


  • 社D3古澤 (ポスター発表)
    Effect of Water Vapor on Hydrogen Isotopes Separation by Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell
  • D1亀水 (ポスター発表)
    In-Situ Observation of the Formation and Relaxation Processes of Concentration Gradients in a Lithium Bis(fluorosulfonyl) Amide–Tetraglyme Solvate Ionic Liquid Using Digital Holographic Interference Microscopy
  • D1名合 (ポスター発表)
    Deuterium Isotope Separation By Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell with Gas Circulation System
  • M2金澤 (ポスター発表)
    CO2 separation using electrochemical hydrogen pumping
  • M1杉崎 (ポスター発表)
    Electrodeposition behavior of Al-Au alloys in AlCl3-NaCl-KCl -AuCl molten salt
  • M1大橋 (ポスター発表)
    High-Speed AFM Observation of Electrolytic Nanobubbles Formation on HOPG
  • M1佐藤 (口頭発表、ポスター発表)
    Deuterium Enrichment by PEM Water Electrolysis with Electrolyte Circulation (ポスター)
    Deuterium Enrichment by PEM Water Electrolysis Using Water Circulation (口頭)